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Xioma Automotive is a software provider that delivers state of the art business solutions to the automotive retail market. The combination of rich knowledge in the automotive arena and a partnership with SAP on the medium and small business market segment, led Xioma to develop a unique solution for the Automotive industry  The Xioma  Automotive solution provides automotive dealerships and importers with functionality that is fully integrated with SAP Business One’s processes and user interface.
Xioma  Automotive incorporates the industry’s best practices, supporting the “3S” processes – Sales, Service & Spare Parts.

Our Vision

Deliver leading best practice solutions to the automotive retail and distribution market based on a robust and future proof platform.

Our Partners

Xioma Information Solutions Strategic Partners

Xioma Information Solutions has had the fortune to establish strategic partnerships with world-renowned, innovative leaders in their respective fields.

The benefits of these partnerships can clearly be seen in Xioma’s Automotive Software product as each of Xioma’s strategic partners has helped us to extend the reach of our products and increase the number of customers we can serve.

Our Strategic Partners:


Xioma Automotive is a Business Partner of SAP in marketing, distribution, application and assimilation of the powerful software SAP Business One.
SAP Business One helps you bring sales, financial management, banking, purchasing, manufacturing, inventory management, and customer relationship management together into one flexible, responsive system.
As a technological partner of SAP, Xioma Automotive, developed the best practices automotive software solution, which earned them SAP’s prestigious microvertical certification.

one dealer
Xioma Automotive is a Business Partner of OneDealer, a SAP Business One Partner in Germany, Dubai and Greece.

OneDealer is a leading SAP solution provider focusing on dedicated vertical industries. OneDelaer provides business software, solutions and services enabling companies to drive increased efficiency and improve profitability.



Xioma Information Solutions teamed with NGG in order to develop automotive best practices solutions. Based on extensive experience, knowledge and know-how in the automotive industry, NGG solutions are constantly updated and revised to provide a clear competitive edge in an ever-changing market. NGG solution & service offerings are designed to answer the different challenges of the automotive industry and its various players.

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Our Customers

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