Trucks and Commercial Vehicles

Xioma Automotive Developed a Unique Solution for the Trucks segment

The Solution is an SAP Certified Solution.

Xioma Automotive is an entire ERP solution that includes end-to-end tools that enable a smooth approach towards delivering value to the end user.

 Xioma Automotive  is built on a foundation of SAP Business One™, an advanced ERP platform that uses the best of what the IT world has to offer.


The solution includes:


Full support of sales process – From quotation to invoice of both new and used trucks


Supports the unique pre delivery process for trucks which in some of the cases requires a complex assembly process done by the dealer / importer


  • Contract Management

A contract Master data form holds all information regarding a lease contract of a specific vehicle, such as: Start and End dates, Insurance details, Index rates, Linked activities and documents, Detailed sections of the contract including tracking of consumption, Attachments and more

  • Event Tracking

Enables the leasing manager to log and track all events regarding the contract, for example: Contract start, insurance expiry, traffic tickets, special billing, etc.

  • Recurring Billing

A set of processes that enables the creation of customer invoices 


Supports new and used truck trade-in deals


Supports the standard repair shop & mobile repair units’ activities and functionality:

  • Vehicle job card
    • Management and log all-around information regarding a vehicle’s visit in the repair shop
    • Billing mechanism that enables the dealer to debit each line of labor or parts in the job card upon up to three debitors with a specified ratio
  • Service Schedule
    • Utilization of resources for repair shops and mobile units
    • Enables the workshop to plan ahead known service requirements
  • Warranty Claims

Management of warranty claims registered by the dealer’s affiliate repair shops or claims directed to the manufacturer by the dealer

  • Campaign Management

Manage and track campaigns whether activated by the manufacturer (Recalls) or internally


Full support of purchase process – Purchase Order to the manufacturer, Landed costs document etc.

The purchase processes support both the purchase of trucks, OEM parts and local suppliers.


  • Profit center management
    • Department level
    • Logistic import
    • Job costing


  • Vehicles are managed as items under a suitable category and in unique warehouses
  • Spare parts Issue/Return
  • Direct Sales – A dealer can use his warehouse’s front desk for direct sales of spare parts


Xioma Automotive Technology & Business Benefits:

SAP Business One and Xioma Automotive bring you state-of-the-art technology.

Amongst many benefits, you can achieve a competitive edge by using:

  •  Alerts & Notifications – Keeps you informed of all relevant transactions via email, fax, sms etc.
  • Strong Reporting Tools – Allows for better understanding of the state of the business.
  •  Highly Customizable – Adds another layer to the best practices in the form of specific enterprise differentials that sharpen the competitive edge.
  • Tight Integration – Connects between all entities in the system and creates critical internal relationships within the business.
  •  Approval Procedure – Enables automation of core processes
  • Multiple Currency / Sites / Companies – Extends the reach beyond typical boundaries to support future growth.
  •  Open Architecture – Helps in creating data interfaces in the automotive ecosystem (a common need in the industry).