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Service Module (Auto Repair Shops)

A.D.S. - Automotive Dealership/Distributor Software Solution Service Module supports the standard auto repair shop activities and functionality such as vehicle job card management and utilization of the auto repair shop's resources.


Automotive Job CardThe A.D.S Service Module enables the auto repair shops to manage and log all-around information regarding a vehicle's visit in the repair shop. From the moment the vehicle enters the workshop until the end of the billing cycle process, everything is tracked in the Job Card.

The service module job card consists of several data sections: General Service Information, Spare Parts & Materials, Labor, Outsourcing, Activities and Documents.

It is also possible to base a job card on a sales quotation issued for the customer.










The service module enables the user to debit each line of labor or parts in the job card to a maximum of three debtors with a specified ratio.

The job card will be the base of the relevant billing documents for the debtor such as an A/R for the customer, a warranty claim for manufacturer, etc.
Only after all items in the job card are billed will it be possible to change it's status to 'Closed'.

The A.D.S. Service Module enables the workshop to plan ahead for known service requirements, either by active operations based on the system's data or by receiving service requests from customers.
A service appointment is set using an activity, linked to the customer and the vehicle. It is possible for the repair shop's planner to see an overview of all resources (such as mechanics, car lifts, etc.) and future utilization in order to build an efficient work plan.


Automotive Warranty ClaimWarranty Claims
The service module supports management of warranty claims registered by the dealer's affiliate auto repair shops or claims directed to the manufacturer by the dealer. A warranty claim can be based upon a job card or can be the base document of an A/R invoice, once compensated by the manufacturer. The claim includes the required information, as defined by the manufacturer, in order to ensure approval.
 The user can define several warranty claims, for example: Goodwill, Compensation, Standard warranty, etc.
It is also possible to export warranty claims to a file, as usually required by most of the manufacturers.













Automtoive CampaignCampaigns
Campaigns are service situations that are usually initiated by the vehicle manufacturer, e.g. A vehicle recall for repairing a known fault.
A campaign can be a public active one or a silent one. The manufacturer provides a list of vehicles that are suspected to include the fault and that should be treated according to its instructions.
Each campaign definition can include a pre-defined kit that indicates all required parts and labor for the execution of the campaign service.
Once a vehicle that is assigned to a campaign enters the auto repair shop, a pop-up alert shows the campaign details, enabling the repair shop manager to select the campaign for execution. Doing that, all required parts and labor are automatically added to the job card.


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