Automotive Distributor Business Analytics

The Complete Set of Automotive Dashboard & Business Intelligence Solutions.

Modern automotive distribution businesses are overwhelmed with data. Still, they often lack crucial knowledge and insights required when facing growing industry challenges:

  • Reduction of margins requires increased marketing accuracy
  • Multi-Brand management brings complexity to performance monitoring
  • Growing complexity due to introduction of new methodologies
  • Increased reporting requirements from manufacturers & governments


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Automotive Retail BI Solution

Jump-start your performance management capabilities with Xioma Solutions Automotive dashboards.

 ADD Values:

The Business Analytics solution creates  performance driven organization – that is capable to transform insights into actions and achieve measurable results. This is achieved by creating 2 basic capabilities:

  • The Business Analytics tools collect & transform business data from the entire enterprise into actionable insights.
  • The Business Analytics Performance management methodology trains & coaches business personnel in analyzing performance, setting targets & translating insights to mature, measurable action plans.

Xioma Automotive  Solutions has accumulated extensive automotive knowledge in years of supplying automotive management solutions to leading players in the industry. The Business Analytics Dashboards & BI tools are the pinnacle of this knowledge-base, loaded with unique insights and best-practice methodologies enabling you to jump-start your organizational performance.

  • Modular: Following the preliminary analysis, the Business Analytics implementation is tailored to fit the unique needs & organizational readiness of the customer. Module contents, outputs and deliverables are explicitly defined and available for selection at any stage.
  • Multi-Disciplinary: Combining business analysts with IT professionals, Xioma Automotive’s team addresses all aspects of implementing performance management in an organization.
  • Xioma Automotive Solutions’ unique – disciplinary approach manages to avoid the common pitfalls of BI implementations by tackling both human & information aspects of organizational performance management.